Practice Areas

We provide services regarding all legal questions concerning intellectual property law, competition law, commercial law and civil law:


European patents with effect in Greece, as well as Greek Patents, give the patent holder an exclusive right to prohibit any third party from using the patented invention without his consent.


Trademarks are an important feature to distinguish a product or service from that of competitors and are often the most valuable assets of companies.


The design of a product plays an important role in the purchasing decision of the consumer and therefore in the commercial success of the product.

Competition law

The law on competition comprises unfair competition law and antitrust law.

Copyright law

A Copyright grants the creator of an original work an exclusive right for its use and distribution. A copyright protects the original expression of an idea, but not the underlying ideas themselves.

Domain Name

Domain names are one of the most important marketing tools. Finding the right domain name that is available has a direct impact on a company’s visibility, image and success.

Plant variety rights

The protection of plant varieties is of utmost importance for plant breeders.

Supplementary protection certificates

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPCs) extend the protection of a pharmaceutical patent for a period of maximum 5 years.

Utility Model

A Utility Model can be protected if it is new, capable of industrial application and provides a solution to a technical problem.

Arbitration, Mediation & litigation

Our office provides all services related to arbitration and litigation proceedings, advising and representing clients before arbitration panels, the trademark committee, first instance courts, appeal courts and supreme courts in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal proceedings.

Civil Law

Our expertise in this field focuses on advising and/or representing clients in civil litigation matters.

General Commercial

Our law office offers a wide range of commercial and corporate services to companies already operating in Greece or wishing to establish a new branch or an affiliated company in Greece.

Real Estate

Our office provides legal advice on real estate development issues.

Pharmaceutical – Health Law

Our office provides legal expertise in a variety of pharmaceutical and health law questions.

Right Protection in the Internet

Many trademark infringers use Domain Names which are similar to protected trademarks. Furthermore, they try to distribute their products through online platforms such as Ebay®, Amazon® or Wish®.


The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides details regarding the ways how personal data may be lawfully processed. The attorneys of our office have been active in the field of data protection for many years and they have represented many renowned clients. Our attorneys are certified as GDPR specialists and are therefore able to provide full legal advice in this area.

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